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Booking T&Cs


Terms & Conditions

  1. A provisional booking will only be secured once the trial has been paid upfront & in full, a completed & signed booking form, as well as a payment notification from the bank, has been received. In the case where no trial is necessary or possible, refer to point 2. The signed document serves as the Contractual Agreement between the Client and the artist.
  2. In order to confirm your booking, the full makeup service fee is mandatory. Payment must be made within 2 weeks of accepting the quotation unless the booking date is less than two weeks away, in which case the due amount must be paid and cleared into the artist’s bank account no later than 48 hours prior to the booking date.Failure to do so will result in immediate cancellation of the booking. Under no circumstances will cash payments on the booking day be accepted.
  3. All payments are strictly by electronic bank transfer. Use the client name and event date as banking reference i.e. JaneSmith 1 January. Please email proof of payment to Hereafter client will receive a calendar invitation by email stating the booking has been confirmed with relevant booking details. Please advise soonest if this email had not been received or if any specification in this email is incorrect. If a client makes a cash deposit into the artist’s account an additional R10 fee is mandatory as cash deposit banking fee.
  4. Makeup lessons are done on a one-on-one basis. In group settings, all participants are to pay for the lesson. Therefore no family, friends, guests or drivers will be allowed to attend makeup lessons.
  5. No more than one person may accompany a client at a makeup trial when coming to the artist’s venue, no exceptions. No children under 12 are allowed at the artist’s venue. No eating or smoking is allowed inside the artist’s venue. No weapons of any sort are allowed inside the artist’s venue.
  6. Booking fees are non-refundable. Clients may use the fees of a cancelled booking as a credit towards a future booking on the discretion of the artist. Please discuss this with the artist in writing by email.
  7. All prices exclude travel unless specified otherwise by the artist in writing. Travel fees will be calculated at R6.00 per km as of 1 April 2018 in line with the latest AA rates. Any applicable toll fees will be for the client’s account and will be added to the travel fee.
  8. Accommodation charges may apply and will be for the client’s account, to be pre-arranged by the client with details provided beforehand by the client. Accommodation for one night is required when travel to the venue exceeds 2 hours one way or services need to commence earlier than 07:00 or finish later than 16:00. Accommodation for two nights is required when travel to the venue exceeds 4 hours one way. The artist will not stay in private residences nor share hotel rooms.
  9. All rates for extra faces (i.e. bridesmaids) are only applicable if the booking includes the bride’s makeup.
  10. Eyebrow shaping, as well as facial hair removal of sideburns, hair on the upper lip and chin as well as any vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) anywhere on the face or neck, must be professionally removed prior to the event day for any persons booked for makeup. The artist is able to do so for an additional fee. NO hair removal will be done on an event day. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate and manage this to other persons receiving makeup. 
  11. Makeup is to be done in a room that is preferably on the ground floor, easily accessible with no or minimal stairs and in the case of stairs a strong male is required to assist in carrying the makeup cases to and from the room. Makeup is to be done in a room with large windows and ample natural sunlight. A large table is required to unpack the makeup artist’s kit close to the windows offering the most sunlight. This table is for the exclusive use of the artist and will not be shared with catering, hair styling, wardrobe or any other purposes. Two dining room style upright chairs with chair backs are required as well as a small rubbish bin.
  12. All persons booked for makeup will have their makeup done in the same room.
  13. Please ensure that all the persons requiring makeup had their faces cleansed thoroughly (in particular from all traces of mascara and eyeliner) and moisturised with a sunblock-free cream before the makeup artist arrives.
  14. Order in which bridal party makeup is done: 1) important guests i.e. maid of honour and bridesmaids 2) mother of the bride 3) bride 4) final bridesmaid/flower girls/groom
  15. Hair is to be styled before makeup application.
  16. For an early booking or a large number of clients such as a large bridal party, the artist reserves the right to enlist an additional makeup artist at their discretion.
  17. Extra services required on the event day (whether extra faces, body makeup, lash application, eyebrows, touch up’s or grooming for men) that were not part of the original booking agreement, are strictly on a cash-only basis and must be paid to the artist in full PRIOR to the commencement of services. This will be at the sole discretion of the artist and will only be considered should the schedule allow this as timing is crucial to ensure a timely event.
  18. The schedule is imperative to ensuring that the client is ready (showered/bathed/breakfast or other meal eaten) on time and that services run smoothly. As such, it is crucial that the artist begins the makeup at the earliest convenience and no later than the agreed upon time. The artist and/his team is not responsible for timekeeping nor delays caused by the activities and delays of the client, his/her attendants or other vendors. Should commencement of services be delayed, the artist will adjust the services at his discretion accordingly as well as the number of faces made up. It is recommended that the bride or wedding planner provides the artist with a hard copy schedule listing the names and surnames of persons having makeup done in the scheduled order. If someone on the makeup schedule has missed their time slot, the client will be informed, and the next person on the schedule will be attended to. Should the artist not be able to render all services agreed upon due to a delayed schedule, no refunds will be issued or discounts be granted for services not rendered. The artist will not remain at the venue longer than priorly agreed with the client to accommodate the client’s delayed schedule. Should the artist be willing and available to stay longer than agreed upon, he and/his team will only do so upon receiving an upfront overtime cash payment of R500 per extra hour regardless of whether a full extra hour is required or not.
  19. All communication entered into, i.e. negotiating makeup packages, briefing of makeup looks (such as for the bridal party), will strictly be with the client/a single person as designated by the client, before the event, in writing.
  20. Makeup by Ryno Makeup Artistry reserves the right to use any photograph(s) or video footage was taken of the client, her guests and behind the scenes without any verbal/written consent from the client or notice given by the artist for the artist’s marketing purposes (online and/or print/video media) unless otherwise specified prior to the event by the client in writing.
  21. Although the artist welcomes reference images as makeup inspiration for the client’s look, the artist in no way guarantees a replication of any reference image as various factors including but not limited to differences between the client’s features and that of the reference model as well as lighting and digital alteration of imagery makes it impossible to replicate a look 100%. The artist endeavours to enhance the client’s features in a way that best suits the client’s appearance according to the artist’s discretion and signature style.
  22. The client explicitly absolves Makeup by Ryno, his employees, associates including Nico Renier Mulder of any and all damages, loss of property, reputational damage, injuries, illness or death that may occur as a result of or during employing the services of Makeup by Ryno or being associated with Makeup by Ryno.